Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Price list. The list of the prices

I've gotten a number of inquiries recently as to whether or not I sell my paintings. That's a pretty good feeling, I gotta say. The answer is yes!

This will of course be updated periodically as things change; I will also duplicate this list on my website so that it can be found there as well.


Prices determined by an $x per square inch formula such that the larger the painting you buy, the less expensive per square inch it will be. Labor, time, and materials do not factor in, except in determining where the switch to the next bracket should occur. Price brackets are determined by the shortest side.
  • up to 2' per side
    • $3 per square inch
  • 2' to 3'
    • $2.50 per square inch
  • 3' to 4'
    • $2 per square inch
  • 4' and up
    • $1.50 per square inch 
The sizes I most commonly work at are 16x20 (all of my plein air road trip paintings are this size) which then come out to $960, and 30x40 which come out to $2400.

Some of you might be looking at those numbers and thinking that they're really really big. And they are, especially when you compare them to the prices of other modern luxury purchases. On the other hand, when you're comparing my prices to those of other artists, this is fairly reasonably in line with what they charge and are even a little bit low. Only a little bit, though.

With that in mind, I'm not going to make you pay for it all straight up if you want one of my pieces. If you're interested, I'm totally comfortable working out a payment plan.

Comics/Books/Other printed materials (not custom)

Prices here are determined by printing costs, labor intensity, etc. and will be listed in an online shop as soon as I put one together. When I do, I'll update this space.

Illustrations/Other custom printed materials

I use the Graphic Artist's Guild Handbook of Pricing and Ethical Guidelines as a framework. Each job is considered on a case by case basis.


Ah, shipping, the big buggaboo. Realistically, I know that this is the part that I'm going to have to figure out on the fly, so I ask for your patience in advance. 

For books and other works on paper, most often I can find an envelope and ship UPS for fairly cheap. Pieces that are on unstretched canvas can be rolled up and shipped in a tube, again for fairly cheap. 

Things get more complicated when we get to larger pieces that need serious packaging to ship. 

Any and all details will be worked out during our discussions, but know that if I can afford to ship it to you without making you pay for either packaging or shipping, I will. 

Odds and Ends 

First and most importantly: if you have any questions, if I've been unclear, if you're interested in making a purchase, or if you just want to chat and you don't feel like leaving a comment, my email is

Secondly, I know that there's this idea that artists are these strange creatures completely lacking in business sense, uninterested in the constraints of forms and paperwork. Well, I'm not particularly interested in paperwork per se, but I do like to keep records. Contracts and receipts will happen; this protects you and me in case there's ever any communication weirdness.

And that's the thing, I'm assuming that if anything does go wrong, it's going to be because we're not communicating effectively. So, y'know, talk to me, and I'll do my best to do the same. But to you, not me; I talk to myself all the time and it doesn't really seem to solve anything.

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