Friday, March 2, 2012


I posted a little bit re: applying for grad schools. While I have only heard back officially from on school so far, that's a pretty good indication that I've been rejected from every place I applied. If I hadn't been, then I would have been asked for an interview by now.

The thing is, I kind of knew that this was how this was going to go, and I am super ok with it. Like, way more ok with it than even I expected to be.

Partially, this was a numbers game. I only applied to schools that were ranked well, which means they have a metric butt ton of applicants who are competing for a number of slots that is less than ten. Even if you assume that half the people get thrown out right at the beginning because they've filled out something incorrectly (and that you aren't one of them...and I spent days double, triple, quadruple checking things so I'm pretty sure I at least got to the viewing of the portfolio stage) then the numbers are still not good.

Which just means that I will have to reapply in the fall.

And I'll have more information and more insight to work with when I do. There were a couple of schools (SAIC and Indiana, specifically) that I didn't apply to because I wanted to get out of the Midwest. But you know what else gets me out of the midwest? This roadtrip that I'm on. Similarly, I've had some extreme doubts about one of the schools that I DID apply to, to the tune of nightmares of being rejected from every school except that one and then having to go to there. Because of dream logic.

Other things a year of being not in school will allow me to take care of:

  1. I have a heel spur and a bad ankle that's been getting worse, both on the same foot; it's about time to get those all surgeoned up (internet consensus is that it takes about a month of rest to heal after having a spur removed)
  2. Apply to residencies. Have you heard of Mira's List? You should go to there, it is pretty helpful. 
  3. Find galleries that I can work with. Selling art is still by and large a brick and mortar business, and I want to reach as many people in as many different places as possible. This trip is also a big help with that 
  4. MOAR COMICS. I've started scripting the sequel to Hunt, my most recent book (premiering at SPACE this April) and I've spoken to Leslie a bit about our Dirk Turbine sequel (she's got projects of her own that she wants to get through first, such as the completing of a novel.)
  5. A studio: finding one. Iiiiiiii need a space where I can actually work in large formats. And also an easel that will hold large paintings. And a table of a good height to hold my palette (when I am at home it sits on my dresser.) And good lighting. 
So! Yes, all good things.

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