Friday, June 29, 2012

Finch Process Post

Ok, doing another constantly updated process post. Hope everyone's ready for that.

Day 2: I took yesterday off to try to convince my various arm bits that they didn't want to die (my shoulder was sliding in and out of socket with a bit more frequency than usual and my thumb is terribly unhappy with me.) So, a little sore today, but I really wanted to keep working. Onwards!

Almost done! 


EDIT: ver 02

Hosting the 1 hour contest... y'alls better participate. Fr srsly.

Get to it. 

Reference put together this way specifically to give color pickers lots of options. Or to mess with their heads, whichever.

Rumblr Round 1

I never seem to make it far in art battles; this was a huge amount of fun to do, so I hope I make it past the first round this time (fingers crossed.)

I thought my character and my opponent's had some interesting parallels, re: forging their own identities, so I really wanted to play with that some. And also some light art deco influences, because I can. Muahahaha.

hahaha. haha. ha.

EDIT: Nouveau. Art NOUVEAU influences. God damn they aren't even similar. I hate your identical names, you art movement bastards.

EDIT 2: it appears that my opponent was a no-show D: I mean, I wanted to win, but not that way. Bummer.

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Self portrait from the road with patterns

opened up my bristol pad and found this! I had completely forgotten about it. Cleaned it up really quick in photoshop so I could share it with y'all.

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Mind Palace

The final version of the piece I've been working on from my last post. For reference, the original version was done in oil paint sometime in January, I think, included below:

Sunday, June 24, 2012

Sherlock Work in Progress.

Every time I say I'm not going to do another portrait, they just suck me back in. Anyway, doing a digital redo of a traditional piece that had potential but suffered from, well, not being done in photoshop ('hm, this eye is essentially correct but it's in the wrong place. whatever shall I do?')

EDIT: day 2. I'll finish this tomorrow, then it's on to my tumblr rumblr pieces.

EDIT 2: ok, last one before the finished version, I swear!

Edut 3: and the finished version, even though it's in another post, just so I can keep them all together:

Friday, June 22, 2012


Loving season two so far. Seriously, so good.

Anyway, I know I uploaded the second one before, but these two were always going to be part of a matched set. It's kind of funny how much more obviously comfortable I've gotten with the digital painting in such a short time. Learning: it is taking place.

Thursday, June 21, 2012

Practice 03

Starting to need a name for these that isn't 'practice##' now that they're kind of turning into a bit of a series. But if I think that way I'll probably never do another one in the history of ever. I mean, I should also organize my folders better so that when I go to fill out grad school applications again this winter I'll actually be able to find things.

hahahhaha, oh, life.


Another piece for this week's 1 hour contest on dA, and an excellent way to warm up after a week and a half away :)

EDIT: realized I forgot to link to the contest page. derp derp derp. Fixed it.

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Apartment Get

I am back from the land of no internet, one apartment richer! Well, pending a few signatures one apartment richer (one day I will be independently wealthy and shall not require a guarantor, but that day is not this day)

Happy to be back in the land where my painting stuff lives, and I've got to hustle on my tumblr rumblr assignment, so I'll have more art for your eyeballs soon.

Monday, June 11, 2012



Ilu, photoshop effects.

Anyway, this was both a huge amount of fun and an immense challenge. That armor....looooooooooooordy. I swear when I started this I was just going to do his face and then down to the arc reactor, that was gonna be it. Nice, simple, no troubles. (I regret nothing)

Anyway, gonna be heading out of town, visiting my grandparents and then hopefully finding a place to live, so, that'll be the future.


SOMEONE who shall remain NAMELESS on tumblr felt the need to mention in a tag that the picture was good but needed more butt. What can I say? They're right. Needed to fix immediately:

Saturday, June 9, 2012

Guild Wars 2 beta weekend event, take 2

So, yeah, I wouldn't necessarily expect any posts from me this weekend, and next weekend I'll be Away From the Internet. But, after that, I'll probably have plenty of sketchbook things to post. OH, and also: this means that I have decent screencaps of my characters now, so, yes, better and more accurate things for drawings, which makes me happy. 

Friday, June 8, 2012

Practice 02

If given the choice between sleep and paintings, I usually choose paintings. So: another quick one before bed.

Thursday, June 7, 2012

Practice painting

I worry sometimes that for all the time I've put into learning new skills, I've been forgetting to say anything of any importance in my work. So now I'm trying to put down the references so that I can start finding my voice in the digital format.

I noticed, especially with the painting in the post before this, that I had been treating the eyes differently from the rest of the piece. That's gotta stop. I also want to bring more of the way I draw into the paintings, because I do think that I'm more skilled with a pencil than a brush, so I figure, y'know, bring that in, and it'll make things, uh, better. Repetitive sentence is repetitive.

Mr Spector

Hit a wall really really hard while I was working on this and that ironman painting. Took a couple days off and then came back and finished this today. I wanted something that would be looser in contrast with all the crazy sharp detailing that the ironman suit demands, so, yes. That is what I did.

Oh, I suppose I should mention: this is Harvey Spector from the USA show Suits, which will be starting up again next week. So, yes, this is the summer of still lifes and fanart, I guess.

...those eyes don't match the rest of the painting. It's kind of bugging me now. OH WELL TIME TO MOVE ON.

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Dracopedia Contest

Ok, so I have no way of knowing the age of my typical reader, but if you or someone you know likes drawing dragons and is 21 or under (the contest is aimed at students and those otherwise unknown. Which, y'know, I'm only a little bitter about, but whatchagonna do?)(not actually bitter) then you should check this out.

The Dracopedia Student Art Contest

The project is in celebration of the publishing of William O'Connor's Dracopedia: The Great Dragons, which, I gotta say, looks completely freaking amazing. So, y'know, go check that out.

Sunday, June 3, 2012


My piece for this week's one hour contest on deviantart. 

This was a really good way to unwind from the ironman piece I'm working on right now. Which reminds me, I posted a wip to tumblr, and someone (WHO SHALL NOT BE NAMED, ANA) mentioned that it looked like he had child bearing hips, so:

Saturday, June 2, 2012

babbling at the internet

How I feel sometimes when I'm blogging/uploading things to places around the internet.

Which, y'know, there's a lot to be said for persistence, when it comes to getting what you want, but no one really mentions how much TIME it takes. But, whatever, I'm just gonna keep babbling at the internet. Eventually, I figure, people'll tune in and out as they want. And that's ok. I'll have people to talk on a regular basis to irl in a couple of months, just gotta make sure I don't go completely bonkers before then.

In the meantime: painting + apartment hunting. It's interesting times, to be sure.

Friday, June 1, 2012

more things

Did this today to take a break:

And now a progress shot of the thing I was taking a break from:

Mad. Photoshop. Scientist.  

EDIT: just checking things, you know the drill

some art and a project

First the art:

Copypasta'd description from tumblr:

Fanart for a friend’s character design for a computer game that has a kickstarter, go to the kickstarter.

Anyway, speaking of tumblr, I'm using it to revive the Digital Analog Project. You guys remember that? Right? No? No, probably not. Anyway, more information and all the latest updates can be found HERE

I've got all the work up 'till this point queued, but here's the last one I did, early last summer:

As you can see, I've improved just a wee bit since then, and am really excited to get going again.