Monday, May 28, 2012



Ver 1:

In which Finch's face is finished and Reese is a blob.

Tomorrow is extended family time, so here is what I've spent today working on:

I put an earlier version up on both tumblr and dA, and there's still a lot to do before this is even close to done, but this is the first time in a long time I've done something in photoshop without doing lineart and I felt like celebrating.

Except looking at this now I realize that in addition to other problems, Reese's head is way too big. WHATEVER I AM WORKING IN PHOTOSHOP I CAN FIX ANYTHING. PARTY ON.

Current version, because I only worked on this for about another hour today. More to come in the future"

At one point I had to lasso and move his ear, so now the overall shape of his face is better, but the transition between head and neck is...wrong. Plus I figured out that I was putting his eyes too close together, and when I fixed that it made his mouth too small. Haven't had a chance to address his forehead or hair yet, even though I think that that really needs to come up soon. And then, of course, the lightning inconsistencies. I don't plan to entirely resolve them, but, one or two, y'know? 

Edit 2:

I swear I was going to go to bed. 

Edit 3: It is now the next morning; I'm just gonna throw up subsequent versions as I get to interesting parts without labeling as separate  edits.

Last one for tonight, I think (and hopefully I'll figure out exactly what I want to do with the background by tomorrow):

EDIT 3: New day, continuing onward.

Last one before I finish:

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