Friday, May 18, 2012

Signal Boost

Life is a strange sort of thing sometimes. And where life is strange, the internet is noticeably stranger.

The story goes like this: if you spend any amount of time on the internet, chances are pretty good that you've gotten to know someone that you've never met in real life before. This is fine, it comes of having common interests. When this does happen, you tend to know that person by their screen name. It doesn't matter if their name is posted in a million places in 72 point font on their profile. To many people across the interwebz, I am only sparksel, for example. So, anyway, I became aware of this person that I know as kandinskysdick.

And then, one day, kandinskysdick posted a picture of a group of friends who got together on Saturday mornings to watch The Legend of Korra (which, I've mentioned you should be watching that, yes? yes) and holy crap, there's my sibling front and center! So now there is a another connection.

Why does that matter at all? Because of this: kandinskysdick does art, and kandinskys dick could use some funds.

It'd be a lie to say that I don't happen across enough posts on a given day of artists in desperate need of funds, and I could pass on each of them to you, but I know how small my corner of the internet is and how exhausting that sort of thing can be to read, knowing that no matter how many people you help, there will always be someone else, still asking. But this person, I figure, I can do my bit for, and because you know me, and I know them, then you can do your bit too, maybe.

If you, or anyone you know, are interested in either a sketch commission from kandinskysdick or a print, please please contact away.

I leave you now, with some examples:



I won't often make claims like 'this person deserves your attention,' but I think, in this case, saying such a thing would be absolutely correct, so here is me. Saying it.

If you've got five dollars lying around, gathering dust, consider art. Specifically, from kandinskysdick 

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