Monday, May 7, 2012

Book Rec: Imagine

Imagine: How Creativity Works

It's been a while since I uploaded anything new so I figured I'd do a quick book review (image should link to amazon) 

There are certain things that I like to read about because they either jumpstart my own creativity or because they give me methods to make my own output more useful. This book does both and is a great read to boot. 

Although I will say this: if you're looking for a book about the imagination and art, this is not that book. Jonah Lehrer works for Wired when he's not publishing books or (possibly) being Batman, so you'll find lots of examples of exemplary innovation in technology and a few graphic design examples. There are parallels, though, if you're willing to find them. 

And, actually, I think that's something worth talking about (this is no longer about the book, btw, just something that it made me think about): does it strike no one else as odd that graphic designers can comfortably keep company with software designers and inventors, but other artists rarely do? What is it about the story that we tell ourselves about our profession that keeps that barrier up? What myths are they telling about us that they never look our way? 

There's a section of the book that explores how important it is for people to share information across disciplines, how it's often outsiders who come up with the most revolutionary solutions. I suspect that we're doing ourselves a disservice or twenty by not working to bridge that gap (those gaps?) more often. 

So, yes, anyway, good book! Go read good book! Yar.  

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