Thursday, May 3, 2012

Oh god what have I done

I did it...I've revived my deviantart account.

Which is not actually what I want to talk about. Anything that I put up over there will be here first. I just...need people that will understand what I mean when I say things like 'methods of abstraction' and 'relationship with the viewer.'

No, what I wanted to talk about was that I was briefly in charge of this thing over on dA called the 1 hour contest (along with another person), but not long after I left it ground to a halt and died. But I'm bringing it back, so if anyone reading this has a deviantart account and is interested in taking part, head ye thisaway: The 1 Hour Contest.

How it works is this: each week, the host chooses one of their characters as the subject of the contest. Everyone who participates imposes a 1 hour time limit on themselves to get their work done (this is, of course, on the honor system, so if you fudge it a bit no one will know or care.) At the end of the week, the host chooses a winner, and the winner then becomes the next week's host. We're starting this off with a two week time period to drum up interest so even if you don't want to participate yourself, if you know anyone on dA who might be interested, please send them our way.

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