Sunday, February 5, 2012

The Great Post-Graduation Road Trip and Paint A Thon

I've mentioned my plans for this in brief previously, but the time is upon us so it deserves it's own posting.

Tomorrow (er...later today) I will be heading out on a big honkin' road trip of unstructured time and painterly awesomeness.

The first major stop is going to be in Jacksonville FL, where my best friend and her family are, and in the meantime I'll be stopping briefly in Louisville KY and Chattanooga TN. I have hotels booked and everything.

Originally I had planned to spend two or three days in each of these places, but when I was originally planning the trip, I was aiming to be there in late December/early January, so I think it's best to just blast on through at this point, at least to start.

I'll be updating with paintings and stories as I go, so updates should be fairly frequent, if brief.

Wish me luck :)


  1. Be sure to stop at The Great Escape and Zanzabar when in Louisville. (The owner of Zbar likes comics and pinball.)