Friday, July 27, 2012


I mentioned at the end of my last post that I've come down with a sudden case of the horrible computer troubles. This is still a thing that is happening, but I've got a couple of avenues to try to fix it, now. (after I made it worse, I think--I'm not sure, but I may have deleted my OS. Which is fine, just install it again, but first I want to figure out a way to get my files off of the computer because they are definitely still there. Also I'm gonna get a new SATA cable for my HD, since that could have potentially been the fix the whole time. Before I made things worse, anyway)

I'd like to thank the truly spectacular Jay Jacot for helping me out yesterday when things first started to go wrong (and I'll probably ask him for more help, I'm just a little too embarrassed right now.) In addition to being boss at computers, he's also a pretty stellar comics artist. He hasn't updated his blog in a while, but I do want to direct your attention to this awesome number:

Amazing? I think yes.