Saturday, July 28, 2012

Artists for you to Check Out: Jordan Taylor

There is a really awesome feeling when you find out that someone you know and have a huge amount of respect for has started their own blog. It's new, and doesn't have many posts yet, but I'd like to direct you to In a Studio Somewhere, which is run by Jordan Taylor, a former studiomate of mine.

I mean, check this out:

That's the latest offering, with many more to come. (although, be forewarned: like as with me, getting the camera to take good photos has been a bit of an issue for her, by her own admission. i.e. things they should have taught us in school but completely failed to do)

I haven't seen the above image in person, but this one I have:

She painted this one, I think, during my last semester there, and I absolutely love it. Every time I look at it, I find something new to admire (and to steal.) Actually, creepy story: my studio habits are best described as nocturnal, so when no one else was around and I needed a boost, I'd go around to everyone else's work stations and check out what people had done that day. I spent a lot of time looking at this one. 

I also find it fascinating because, to me, it's an excellent example of one of the things that can happen when you give someone who learned a lot through digital media and the internet physical paint to play with. It's like the platonic opposite of the direction that I've gone, from physical to digital, and I think that that's reflected pretty clearly in both our works. 

So, yes, go forth, follow her blog! It is definitely in the top ten of things you will never regret. 

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