Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Artists you Should Follow: Megan Simon

personal note first before we get to the rest of it: I've been complaining here and there all over the internet about some of my recent computer woes. Well, the diagnostic stage is well and truly over (and I kept it going longer than it ought to have gone because I wanted it to be wrong) and I'm backing up as many files as I can save now, but my hard drive is well and truly not working. Everything else in the computer is fine, and a hard drive replacement is easy enough to do, but hard drives are pretty expensive at the sizes I want (video and high quality photoshop files, man, they are not tiny.) So, what this means is that once I get my computer up and running again, I'm going to be opening up digital commissions. I'll let you know more when the time comes. Anyway, onward!

Like Jordan, Megan was a class and studio mate of mine. When I think of her work, the number one word that comes to mind is 'versatile.' There may come a day when she runs into a medium that she can't work with, but to my eyes, that hasn't happened yet. Check this out:

Digital speedpaint
Mixed media (collage on lithograph)

Digital collage

Oil Painting



vector (i know i included one earlier, but this one is a bit older and i've always loved it)

digital abstract

Currently, the number one place to see all her work is at her deviantart account, but when she puts together a website (and lets me know about it), I will point everyone towards it.

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