Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Hunt Covers

As with the Air Squid covers, we're gonna start with the original design:

Outside of the Cover

And the inside. I wanted to experiment with pattern and having an interesting reveal when the book is opened. Screenprinting is still not my friend, btw, though I will continue to run my head into that brick wall until I get it right. 

And the new one! Just finished today!

I'm trying to be mindful of branding and consistency, so I have included my logo and all the text that isn't hand done is in Gill, which is one of three fonts that I use more than any others. 

If anyone is wondering about the price hike between the first version and the second: it's not just the updated, swanky cover. The first version was printed in black and white, but the files were done in color. This new version will be in color (my first! Very excited :) )