Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Book recs: Unpopular

Sometimes when I read a book, I don't really mention it to anyone. It may be a very good book. It may have changed the way I look at the world. But I don't mention it.

This is not one of those books.  (image links to amazon)

This book I mention to eeeeeeeeeveryooooooooooooone. Why? Because I know a lot of really independent people who are not really comfortable with the daily grind and the status quo but who are totally at home with lots and lots of hard work. 

Also we aren't always all that good at being introverts in an extroverts' world, and it's good to have a guide, now and again. If other people can do it, we can too!

But, no, seriously, you guys should really read this book.

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