Monday, May 9, 2011

internet, why have you forsaken me?

After finals ended this semester, I moved into a new apartment. Unfortunately, I did not have the situation as well in hand as I thought I did, so I do not currently have internet (I'm updating from a school computer...wooooo)

Internet will return to me on Monday and in the meantime I'll be visiting my parents for the week. This means I won't get to work on the digital/analog project until I get back, but that's ok. Parents can be cool.

In the meantime: some more open canvas stuff and some character design stuff:


More Portal 2 fanart. Because I can't not, apparently.


Another piece for Illustration Friday, this time the word was 'Beginner'


Photoshop! I think the final comic is going to be in a style that mimics this


Cleaned up the designs of my two main characters a little bit. Color to come later.

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