Thursday, May 26, 2011

creepers, stop creepin

It turns out, the internet is full of weird people.

So really quick, before I go back to working on my project: If you are someone who is sincerely looking to get artwork from a person, there's some important things you should do/know:

1. Indicate that you plan to pay the artist in question. The word 'commission' will suffice in most cases, especially in the initial email.

2. make sure it is an EMAIL. Facebook is not acceptable. Ev.Er. You will come across as a bot every time.

3. It's helpful to pave the way if you mention how you came across the artist's work. This lets us now that you are human

4. This one from person experience: do not ORDER me to email you to get reference photos, especially if you have not followed the guidelines above, double especially if you're looking for nude artwork of yourself.

Hm, too much text. Have a doodle:


This sums up my reaction to some recent emails/fb messages pretty well, I think

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