Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Erik the Dinosaur and Other Such Nonsense


Guys! Great news! I figured out how to make things look like stuff in photoshop! Actual painting-looking things! Very exciting :)

Also: introducing Erik the Dinosaur. If he's not the greatest gift I've ever received, he's definitely in the top ten. (He was given to me by the infinitely generous Wan-Tsunami, aka Diana Busby, artist and maker of many fantastic things)

I think I've mentioned recently, though in passing, that I'll be graduating soon. Right now, I am in the midst of applying to some grad schools (fingers crossed), but because I'm graduating in the winter instead of the spring I'm finding myself with four extra months of unstructured time. So I am structuring it! With travel! I shall be like a cartoon explorer, and Erik will be my amusing animal companion.

Partially, this is a warning for everyone: this blog will be turning, at least partially, into a travel blog. It is also partially to ask for recommendations: what are your recommendations of places in the U.S. to go? Awesome museums, passed over parks, maybe even tourist traps that are worth getting sucked into.

This will still be primarily an art blog even while I'm traveling, of course. I plan on painting as I go (and hopefully sell pieces as I go to be able to pay for more awesome traveling and also that grad school stuff that I mentioned before) so there will be that, plus if I can set up remote desktop access with my photoshop-and-every-other-useful-program computer, I'll also see if I can keep up with some digital work.

Hey, look, this post wasn't made in the wee hours of the morning! I think that's pretty good, don't you?


  1. I just went on a month long road trip of the Western US. If you're interested in hiking and that kind of stuff, then Utah is absolutely the place to go. So many great national parks, forests, etc.

    Let me know.

  2. Will I get to meet Erik??? What are his favorite foods if human and brontosaurus aren't on the menu?

  3. If you're looking for something in the midwest, go up into the U.P. to Munising, there's fantastic ice rock climbing in the winter! You can hit up the Mystery Spot and Da Yooper's Tourist Trap on the way up. (Both I have yet to go to, but they kind of seem intriguing, at least for an hours worth of time) Unfortunately, that is the only travel advice I can give you since I am not a worldly person :( But I do think that Erik the Dinosaur is AWESOME.

  4. Hah, I am glad that Erik has a fantastic new home! That painting you did looks very nice as well :] You had better keep me posted on your traveling plans coming up, and I hope we still get to table next to each other at SPACE! COOOMICS IN SPAAAAAACE...MEAT.