Friday, December 11, 2009

Ann Feldman Portraits

Taking myself a bit of an art break (the last two weeks grew teeth and gnawed off my legs--I'm taking today for myself to regrow them (an exhausting process) and also to go and enjoy The Princess and the Frog, which looks amazing) so I thought I'd take the time to point you in the direction of my aunt.

She's primarily a portrait artist, and her chosen medium is currently oil, though I remember that way back when she was first starting to get into this whole art thing she mostly did paintings on tiles and then fired them, followed by a long period of landscapes and watercolors, followed by a brief scarf making period, with some mosaics thrown in there for fun. Needless to say, it's been a crazy road.

But what it's all come down to is that she's a little bit awesome, and definitely one of my inspirations. She's been doing a lot of experimentation with palette knives and has been updating her blog with them.

More of her work can be found at her blog or at her website

(On a related note, I designed the website, and would love some critique--after learning some stuff about grids in typography this year, I'm already planning on doing an immediate overhaul on my website after I get it up, so, yes...don't remember where I was going with that.)


  1. Hey I just stumbled upon this. I think you're awesome too! Keep up the great work. I love your blog. And thanks...

  2. Even though it says anonymous, you probably figured out that it's me, your computer-illiterate Auntie!