Thursday, August 23, 2012

credit where credit is due

I managed to correctly track down the source of the reference I used for that 'meter' piece. Yay me!

Original photo by Karen Kavett who can be found at and

The really excellent thing about tracking her down (and the reason I was so determined to do it, other than that it's polite) is that I now have permission from her to sell prints of the piece on my society6 account. And, in fact, I've put up a bunch of new prints recently, so you guys should check that out. 

Which, actually, brings me to my next point. 

I mentioned here a couple of times that I was having computer problems, since fixed. The fixes were not exactly cheap, and all signs point to my motherboard failing in the not too distant future. All of which is handleable, but difficult. And then I moved to Baltimore. 

And then three days after that my bike got stolen. 

And those together just really made me look at all the imminent expenses involved in moving to a new studio and classes and books and, y'know, replacing the bike that I've had and loved for the last five years, and I just sort of...freaked out a little bit? 

So I'm opening sketch commissions. 

How these work: you pay me ten dollars to my paypal (which is linked to my email account) and for you I will sketch, digitally or traditionally, anything you request. 

Literally anything. 

You will then receive a high resolution image from me, and I retain the right to post a low resolution copy to my sites and blogs and things. 

These are gonna be quick images along the lines of what I do for the one hour contest; I figure that I know for sure that I can fit those in around my class schedule. 

If you're interested in this (or interested in commissioning a larger/more finished piece even) please shoot me an email at and yes, I will be keeping a sharp eye on my spam box so that I don't miss you :) 

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