Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Justine 3

Watercolor, as promised!


And I have no complaints about the scan quality either. It's pretty close to the original.

This is the third in a series, of sorts. These are the first two, done during sophomore and senior years of high school, respectively. They are pretty bad:

justine by ~sparksel on deviantART

Er...and that'll take you to my DA account, I suppose. Which I haven't updated in...months. Many months. Most of a year, maybe. Some of that stuff is still pretty good, though.

There'll be two more Justines in the near future. My mom wanted to hang the two old ones in the bathroom (we're hanging a lot of my art now, since we've done the remodel), but I really dislike them, so I told her I'd do new ones.

And so I am.

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